Steve C. Joyner
Since 1995, Steve Joyner has been an IT consultant providing clients with system solutions, deployment, and integration.
     Formerly with Adobe Systems Inc., Sandia National Laboratories (Department of Energy), and Google, among others.

Operation Life Support 
On November 30, 1994, Steve Joyner launched and presided over Operation Life Support (OLS), an online, viewer-funded initiative to sustain and generate new interest in the prime-time drama "My So-Called Life ." In the mission to resuscitate ABC's low-rated series, no one attracted more attention—or money—than Operation 'Life' Support (
     Via the Internet and major commercial online services, OLS -- the largest on line collective to lobby for a show's salvation (then or since) -- rallied to sustain a most provocative, original, true-to-life program. Originally intended as a direct appeal to ABC, OLS ultimately aimed its plea toward viewers to support, and thus sustain, a truly outstanding and deserving slice of family programming.
     The upshot? Worldwide media coverage (CNN, MTV, Entertainment Tonight, People, Wall Street Journal); 30,000 phone calls; 37,000 email messages; 3,500 letters and faxes, and over $93,000 in support.

Get In-line! Publishing
Prior to founding Get In-line! Publishing in June 1993, Steve Joyner wrote and produced all computer-generated graphic illustrations for "The Joy of Walking: More Than Just Exercise" (1991), "The Complete Guide & Resource to In-line Skating" (1993) and "In-line Roller Hockey: The Official Guide and Resource Book" (1995).
     Mr. Joyner's professional writing career began in 1989 when he started writing articles and short stories ranging from his coming of age in the "surreal" world of Los Angeles to his critical observations of over-population, problems with education, and quality of life issues.

Rio Aradani Creations
In 1990 Mr. Joyner left Los Angeles (for cleaner air and crisper climes) and moved to San Francisco to pursue his writing full time. In addition to book writing, Mr. Joyner explored electronic graphic design and layout in order to spruce up his writing pieces. He pursued this field further, enrolling in computer layout and design classes at U.C. Berkeley and assembling a presentation portfolio of his work.
     In 1991 he launched a sole proprietorship, Rio Aradani Creations, to market his emerging core skills: graphic design and layout; writing skills, research, and home office/ergonomic design and implementation. Through word of mouth, he established a base of core clients.

Federal Express Corporation
In 1988, fascinated with logistics and the transportation industry, Mr. Joyner began a two-year stint with Federal Express where he ascended through the ranks from customer service agent to the preliminary stages of its manager recruitment process known as LEAP.
     While with the delivery concern, Mr. Joyner designed, developed, and proposed several service enhancement strategies that were ultimately implemented corporatewide. One of his ideas, which landed him a management offer, was his "Three Point Check program that solved an ongoing company problem of overlooked packages—packages that never left their point of origin.
     During his tenure, he received kudos and awards from customers and management alike. Some of his most esteemed compliments came from Frederick Smith (Founder, Chairman and CEO), the Managing Director of the L.A. Metro District, and operation's management.

Malibu Express Corporation
Following his curtailed enrollment at Boston University, Mr. Joyner returned to Los Angeles in the spring of 1987 and began an informal evaluation to determine the viability of a personalized errand/shopping service for the geographically isolated residents of Malibu, California. Mr. Joyner proceeded to raise $10,000 of venture capital, incorporated, and launched a formal survey of the market.
     Then, in October of 1987, the stock market fell a then unprecedented 508 points, forcing the curtailment of the enterprise and the subsequent abandonment of the business. Still, Mr. Joyner managed to generate enough interest in what he had proposed to serve a core group of clients himself. Thus, he managed to recoup most of the incurred losses, having returned the unused portion of the capital investment.

Boston University
In 1986 Mr. Joyner entered Boston University's School of Hospitality Administration . In his senior year of high school, problematic family issues made it financially impossible for him to pay the tuition and living expenses. Fortunately, with the generous assistance of some good friends, Joyner managed to go to college—sort of.
     His good fortune realized in Los Angeles did not carry over to Boston as his "schedule" comprised a daily commute between school and work and rented room. Saddled with a lack of strong career convictions and mounting debt, he left B.U. after his first year to regroup.
     Presently, he is studying a hands-on curriculum as a (forever) undergraduate at the University of Life (planet Earth, Local Group, Milky Way).

In addition to a general fascination with most subjects, Mr. Joyner is a voracious reader and has an insatiable appetite for the new and untried; he is, in a word, impressionable. "There was a child went forth every day, /And the first object he look'd upon, /That object he became..." (W.W. )
     Joyner loves to walk, skate, and hike, and craves good coffee, books, and conversation. Tidbits: Eagle Scout; vegetarian; once had a Major League baseball dream; enviro-conservationalist, NPR (National Public Radio) fiend; favorite author, William Styron; socially liberal/fiscally conservative. Wish list: world peace, smaller ears, and a motorcycle.